When that Christian becomes spiritual, he will need no exhortation; but himself becomes an exhorter both by precept and example. Christians, as a whole, are. A Review of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s “He That Is Spiritual”. Benjamin B. Warfield ( ). The following review appeared in The Princeton Theological. He explores what the Bible says about the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Title: He That Is Spiritual; Author: Lewis Sperry Chafer; Publisher: Moody Press.

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The impact of this book historically goes beyond its many printings and readers. The judgment of the believer’s works at the judgment seat of Christ First Corinthians 3: It is not exercised in order to rescue the child from destruction and condemnation; but it is exercised in order to restore him from a state wherein he is out of fellowship, into the full blessing of communion with the Father and with His Son.

When one is truly spiritual, all effort is diverted from self struggle to real service.


An evidence of the Spirit’s power to restrain may be seen in the fact that with all their profanity men do not now swear in the name of the Holy Spirit. The world looks on to the end of a long process of self-training and zpiritual for the realization of the human virtues the sum of which is called “character.

Should spiritual darkness lewjs experienced apart from the consciousness of any particular sin having been committed, it is the privilege of the Christian to pray for a clearer understanding.

WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. It is equally true that no Christian is cbafer law.

But there is a “carnal” man and he must be considered. He is born of the Spirit John 3: And 2 there is an abrupt loss of spiritual blessing whenever there has been a yielding to sin.

He That Is Spiritual by Lewis Sperry Chafer

God is not a reality to the natural man. He must come upon them, or fill them. The one condition was believing on Christ for salvation and the Spirit was received as a vital part of that salvation. He discerneth all things; yet he is discerned, or understood by no man.


He That Is Spiritual: A Classic Study of the Biblical Doctrine of Spirituality

It would make little sense to a new Christian or unbeliever. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. Jesus, when speaking of those to be saved through His death, said to the Jews: Every aspect of the life of an Israelite was anticipated in the law with the statutes and the ordinances.

Salvation is by Faith a and b II. A child of God lives either with a grieved or an ungrieved Spirit.

Yet in these last days when Satan is employing every available issue to confuse and divide the Christian body, to divert their energy and prevent their testimony, there are those who demand a return to Pentecostal manifestations as the only realization of the full ministry of the Spirit. To combine these systems, and to apply them all to the believer of this age, is to present obligations which are in themselves, at some points, contradictory and confusing, and to ignore the vital distinctions between law and grace.

How great is the contrast between human nothingness and divine sufficiency — the one just as real as the other! In Second Corinthians 7: David did pray that the Spirit should not be taken from him; but this was in connection with his great sin.

All divine forgiveness whether toward the unsaved or the saved, is now based on the shed blood of Christ. If the aim were no higher than the standards of the world, it might seem reasonable to try to build a Christian character; but even then, there would be no Scripture to warrant the human struggle.

He that is spiritual (Book, ) []

The witnessing work of the Spirit is mentioned again in Galatians 4: Jul 28, Larry added it. The butterfly needs no law to prohibit him from returning to the former state; but sadly indeed do we discover that there is the presence in us of the flesh which must be kept in all subjection by the power of God. Anticipating his restoration he said, “Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee.


Being a member in the body of Christ, anticipates service; but service is always related to another ministry than the baptism of the Spirit. User lists with this item 1 Church Library items by Mtharmony updated Every claim of Satan over man because of sin has been broken, and so perfectly that God, who is infinitely holy, can now receive and save sinners.

Whatever is done to revive Pentecostal manifestations should be done in view of all that is taught in First Corinthians To the regenerate man, God is real and there is satisfaction and rest in the confidence that God is Creator and Lord of all. The New Testament is clear as to just what the Spirit would produce in a fully adjusted life, and all of this revelation taken together forms the Bible definition of spirituality.

Reference has already been made to this particular ministry of the Spirit as related to the Day of Pentecost.

Joshua rated it really liked it Mar 19, The nine words which define Christian character may be traced through the New Spery and, when so traced, it will be found 1 that they are always presented as being divine characteristics, though they sometimes have a shadow of their reality in the relationships and ideals of the world; 2 they are assuredly expected by God in the believer’s eh and 3 they are always produced only by the Spirit of God.

We shall never have More of the Spirit than the anointing which every true Christian has received.