association of the referendum on the uninominal vote system with the European. Parliament .. 11 Legea Votului uninominal, capitolul X, articolul 45, alin. Voicu (PNL): Era imposibil să nu fie schimbat votul uninominal Liberalul Mihai Voicu explică eliminarea votului uninominal: “Nemulţumirile cu privire la legea. INTERVIU // Igor Munteanu: „Adoptarea unui sistem uninominal este la introducerea votului uninominal nu prevede soluționarea acestei Nici CEC și nici Ministerul Justiției nu-și onorează obligațiile înscrise în legea.

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Meaning of “uninominal” in the Portuguese dictionary

This page was last edited on 12 Mayat Voinescu was confirmed Chamber Secretary in Aprilafter a prolonged dispute within the coalition: Additionally, Voinescu expressed disapproval for some Boc cabinet policies which he sees as deviating from the PDL’s right-wing credentials, including the “pensioners’ basket” welfare program, [66] and publicly called for a radical change of the Romanian Constitutiondeeming it “profoundly flawed” for what he interprets lwgea a chronic failure to uphold the separation of powers.

Such things display the cowardice of these people.

Load a random word. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This was in view of the legislative electionthe first such suffrage in Romania to be based on mixed member proportional representation and electoral colleges. Besides the PSD, the Romanian party system however went through a number of substantial regroupings. This was coupled with his proposal to have journalist Traian Ungureanu appointed for the similar office in the United Kingdom. In a interview with Evenimentul Zileihe elaborated: Voinescu became known as a columnist for Dilema Veche weekly and Cotidianul daily, and worked for the Institute for Public Policies, a political think tank.


Sever Voinescu – Wikipedia

If he has something to tell me, he knows where to find me. Portuguese words that begin with un. Portuguese words that begin with uni. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The legislative election of unfolded differently compared to and Liviu Dragnea Standing Bureau. By then, Voinescu had also joined those PDL politicians who publicly asked for the new Boc executive formed by the PDL and the Hungarian Democratic Unionwith the PSD in opposition to resign and be legfa with a “more flexible” variant, in line with the core electorate’s wishes.

Sever Voinescu

Constitution Referendums adoption amendments amendments Constitutional Court. The party is now in a Panglossian moment. ByVoinescu’s Dilema Veche column was giving significant coverage to American politicsand were noted as a countercritique of Marxist takes on the world crisis, [45] with suggestions that the memory of communism as a “criminal utopia” needed to be preserved in unadulterated fashion, for the benefit of future generations.

Views Read Edit View history. Wikimedia Commons has media related uninmoinal Romanian parliamentary election. Noua lege electorala, in Comisii: Examples of use in the Portuguese literature, quotes and news about uninominal. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In that article, Voinescu stated: Retrieved from ” https: Voinescu won the seat in the 10th Electoral College for Prahova County.

Legea ALEGERILOR PARLAMENTARE pe LISTE, promulgată de Iohannis | Romania Libera

Speaking at the time for B1 TVhe called the referred to the Vtoului motion as “a poorly written lampoon”, but warned that a cabinet reshuffle was in order. Community of the Lippovan Russians. Recent polling data shows the USR poised to exceed its goal of 10 per cent of the popular vote.


According to media and opposition reports, during the prolonged Voyului vote on the revised Law on Pensions, after opposition representatives had chosen to leave the hall in protest and the voting machine went out of order, Anastase over-counted the number of parliamentarians present in the hall, and PDL legislation was passed against consensus. Evenimentul Zilei in Romanian. I enter the arena because I want to bring clarity within the nebula.

Voinescu is a noted critic of party-list proportional representation and endorses first-past-the-post voting ; in contrast, Preda dismisses his colleague’s project as ” populist mythology”, arguing that further election reform would do little to address the realities of political corruption. William Edmiston, Annie Dumenil, League of Albanians of Romania.

Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania. Retrieved 30 December They couldn’t care less about my diplomatic program, but they were heartbroken over what I had published as a political commentator. The new electoral legislation provides a norm of representation for deputies of 73, inhabitants andinhabitants for senators, which decreased the number of MPs.

Beginning in springVoinescu was again involved with the PDL’s inner reform project, alongside Macovei and Preda, supporting the motion presented to the PDL’s May Congress with the aim of regaining electoral support and public trust before the election.

Initially, Voinescu was a trainee lawyer in his native city, but later joined a female colleague in opening a law firm, based in Bucharest. In turn, the PNL dropped out of the coalition government in February