Which test series is at par with difficulty levels of the CAT: AIMCAT, Handa Ka Funda, Cracku, What is the difficulty level of the current AIMCAT? 1, Views. DIRECT DOWNLOAD! time aimcat pdf повідомлень: . Aimcat pdf pdf Aimcat pdf Aimcat pdf DOWNLOAD!. AIMCAT Schedule AIMCAT Schedule AIMCAT Ref. AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT AIMCAT

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E BSM is more than adequate. Then onwards, take up the SMs on Practice exercises along with the Advanced sectional tests. If it is a difficult question, that deserves to be left out. All the chapters are imp, you cannot afford to ignore any areas. Attend classes for these topics.

In case you still feel the basics are not clear then you may scan through 8,9,10 standard Mathematics- school text books. So, don’t think of leaving any of the topics.

Hello sir, Sir i am preparing for cat Call your centre and seek an appointment with a faculty.

I am wasting my time for DI questions HI SIR, is it enough if we practice the online sectional tests and do the quant books of time for quant section krishnakumar: TPBs are test paper booklets; one for aincat test area. Find out the areas in which you are wk. Please do not shy away from asking queries and doubts during the class room sessions. You should manage the issue within this time frame.


Aimcat 1015 discussion(Please Dont Click if you have not taken the test)

Work on speed maths for about 10 minutes every day. Which of the Symbiosis institutes should I apply to. Apart from CAT, i would suggest you take some of the following exams: If time is there then why not try every question once again.

What I was saying is that your profile ai,cat look better with work exp. Its not worth it.

[OFFICIAL] AIMCAT – 1312 DISCUSSION THREAD (Please Do nOt OpeN if you have not takEn the tEst)

Sir no matter how much i prepare i am not able to perform well in Quant please suggest me something and DI is like time consuming for me because of calculations how can i improve my self what sort of study pattern should i adopt.

You will for sure. Last minute preparation tips for FMS. Yes, few of them may be sitters, but it wont be easy to identify them unless you have done enough practice. As regards how many qns from any sub-section, it’ll keep on changing test to test depending on the difficulty level as well as the preparedness of other test takers too. It all depends on the level of difficulty of that section or of the complete test.


Chat Transcript

Since different training institutes offer different experiences in their mocks. Aimvat taking strategies for CAT ! Pls collect Lot 2 materials. Now you should be able to solve more questions. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has the best price. These two are very vast and conceptual topics.

Preparation tips for Data Interpretation.

They have been made to test the progress of students and build up accuracy in problem-solving required for CAT preparation.

Thank you sir for the guidelines. Could u explain a bit B-school selection based on CET scores.

Is this authentic and upto what degree can be expect questions from these sections? Encourage them to give reviews, which will be reviewed by ai,cat and win prize, and they have started this even before CAT exam.

Solve ex a form Quant book. Managing stress is a must for managers. So apart from the online sectional tests what do I do to practise daily at home?

Not at all advisable, you can do that for CAT13 but no further.