: Deadly Little Lies (A Touch Novel) (): Laurie Faria Stolarz: Books. Laurie Faria Stolarz () is the author of Deadly Little Secret , Deadly Little Lies, Deadly Little Games, Deadly Little Voices, and Deadly Little. A Deadly Little Collection: Collecting Deadly Little Secret, Deadly Little Lies, and Deadly Little Games (Touch Novel, A) – Kindle edition by Laurie Faria Stolarz .

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The stalker’s narration did feel creepy at times, but not really stoarz. Feb 11, Adream adream rated it it was ok. The books are definitely easy to read but the plots of each are pretty good.

I don’t know what to think of this. The ‘Deadly Little’ series could be a portrayal of average teenage life, except that its more intense elements cut the plausibility of the series short. When he refuses to touch her, he becomes dealy suspect 1.

Adam, a handsome and charming college student, shows an interest in Camelia immediately, relentlessly asking her to go out with him. What’s the Name o Anna Dressed in Blood. There wasn’t much character development, it didn’t really bother me. Deadly Little Lies is a story in a series, so I have high hopes that most of litttle worries are unwarranted. I’m excited to see that she has more books other than this series.

Deadly Little Lies (Touch, #2) by Laurie Faria Stolarz

So I really loved this book, up until the last page. But he didn’t take the credit for saving Camelia! The boy wiped her face with a rag. Literally they’re in love within two seconds and she acts as if its the biggest deal in the world when he leaves to laueie her. Like yes I enjoyed it, I’m happy I read it but there’s nothing too memorable about the story.


I did find a cool photography book about abandoned insane asylums, and some cello CDs by Bach yeah, I still listen to CDs. Apparently it was the anniversary of something tragic that’d happened.

The characters are easy laurje relate to-teenagers who are occasionally misunderstood by their peers or parents, who sometimes are not sure who to trust or turn to. Then she meets a potential lover, Alex, who is a new employee at her work. But boy oh boy did I not read anything about how it was actually Ben who saved her life and Adam is just taking credit.

Deadly Little Secret

With every book I can never figure out who the bad guy is and I’m always on the edge of my seat. Books by Laurie Faria Stolarz. I love stories that have some romance mixed with mystery because it gives you different emotions on every page.

Jul 20, Dawn rated it it was ok Shelves: Let’s just say, I should be paralyzed with what they put my spine varia while reading this. I think I like th I actually liked this one a lot more than the first one. Crazy for Young A The title should be at least 4 characters long. Though Stolarz’s writing continues to be easy and quick to read, the story lacks any real substance or originality.


These stories make you want the relationship to stay alive and at the same time you try to put clues together to solve it. How can you rate how good it is if you haven’t read the thing!?!?!?!?! This book was really interesting especially when you didn’t know whether something was really happening or if it was a hallucination. Camelia started to receive notes gifts and picture of herself and felt someone watching her. Since Ben and her broke up in the last book, she’s been hanging with Adam more often.

Apr 29, Stolars rated it really liked it Shelves: With more than two million books sold worldwide, Stolarz’s titles have been named on various awards list. The new character Adam adds to the story and the author does a great job adding conflict. The suspense from the first novel is clearly brough to this installment when Camelia start to receive photos and messages again letting her know she’s in danger again and for her to be careful or she’ll end up dead.

I just hope the next book is a little more practical. The first book was surprising and mysterious, this ending made this book into a beginning grade-school Nancy Drew book. It was purely stunning. Desires of the Dead. The characters bugged me, too.