Digitech’s website has downloads for discontinued models but the Valve FX is not listed.:rolleyes: Anyone have a PDF file of this manual?. The DigiTech Valve FX is a rack mountable multi-effect processor and Does not include manual but the manual is available in PDF format on this page. I just bought this used Digitech Valve FX, which comes with a The Digitech Valve FX preamp – and its repair potential Valve FX Manual.

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It contains 14 Parameters, giving exceptional soundfield and tonal shaping control over reverberation.

Digitech valvefx User Manual

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Description Mono Delay x. The display now reads: Low Q settings affect a wider number of frequencies when the selected band is boosted or cut. Selects the type of distortion to be used in the Program. These diagrams show all of the input and output information associated with each Module, as well as the signal path routings for each of the 33 Xf. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Both notes are constant in pitch, but subtle additions in richness and overtones digtiech be heard. Description BigVerb Studio-quality reverb.


Digitech Valve FX User Manual

When Modules are turned off, their Parameters dis- appear from the Parameter menu. Here’s a repair shop’s demo video of one of these units: Description The DigiTech Valve FX is a rack mountable multi-effect processor and pre-amplifier that combines real tube distortion utilizing the 12AX7 vacuum tube with powerful digital signal processing. DigiTech warrants this product, when used solely within the U.

My intention is to make a smaller live rig with it, xigitech leaving my recording rig undisturbed. Allows placement of a slight delay on the source signal after the gate is triggered.

I might be getting mine back as I gave it to a friend and he isn’t using it. Pitch Shifters Both notes are constant in pitch, but subtle additions in richness and overtones can be heard. Nov 27, 9.

DigiTech Valve FX

Same for the replacement guide. You can store effect settings in the unit’s memory and recall them later.

Janus AlfadorJun 24, Adjustable from 0 to mil- liseconds. Sorry, this item is currently out of stock. It sounds like these LCD displays are interchangeable so long as the connector pin routing matches – and if it doesn’t then it sounds like a ribbon cable can be modified to make it work. Feb 14, 1. Sets the interval of semitones between the original note and the pitch shifted note. Vapve FX digitefh pedals, synthesizers and more Determines the amount of detuning applied to the shifted note.


No miking hassles, no heavy equipment; Page 6 DigiTech neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of this product. For example, you can control the level of a Delay linked to CC 4. It might work – if the pinout doesn’t match up, you can always reconfigure the ribbon cable by moving wires around.

Your name or email address: Janus AlfadorNov 27, Nov 27, 7. Yes, my password is: When the Output mode is set to mono, either output can be used. Turns the Module on or off. Most of the issues on these aftermarket replacements center around the pinout configuration since every gear-makers used different routing scenarios.

Turns the Module either on or off. It uses a 40 kHz sample rate for great sound quality. Variable from 1 to